Melrose Bloem Law Offices provides clients with a broad range of business law services in key jurisdictions. We have a great deal of experience in negotiating and solving disputes out of court. We handle legal matters and give advice generally, with focus mainly on Civil and Administrative Litigation, Labour and Employment Law, Civil Servants Law, Family Law, Debt Collection and Real Estate matters.

Civil and Administrative Litigation
Civil and Administrative litigation includes disputes that are formally submitted to a court, about any subject in which one party is claimed to have committed a wrong, but not a crime. We, at Melrose Bloem Law Offices offer civil and administrative litigation services including admissibility, administrative review, jurisdiction, and judicial review in the civil courts in Curaçao and Bonaire.

Labour and Employment Law
Under Labour and Employment Law we cover all aspects of employee incentives and work related conditions. In this day and age, employment is a fluid and fast-changing area of law. Being alive to your obligations as an employer and recruiting, retaining and managing the right people, has never been more critical. Non-compliance with obligations can be expensive, in financial and reputational terms. We, at Melrose Bloem Law Offices focus on developing individual and creative solutions to modern workplace issues, from working conditions, employee relations, employment contracts, Human Resources policies and privacy, to restructuring, relationship breakdowns and dispute resolution. From an employee standpoint of view, we focus our attention on (Un)fair dismissal, (Un)lawful termination and General employment advice.

Law of Civil Servants
The law of Civil Servant relates to a law that regulates the management of civil service, juridical labour relations of civil servants, their rights and obligations, recruiting ways, promotion, work evaluation and discipline procedures. Any misinterpretation of this law could be fatal to the Civil Servants' reputation. We, at Melrose Bloem Law Offices help Civil Servants in any work related procedures, rights and disciplinary disputes or if need be, provide independent and objective evaluations.

Family Law
Divorce and Separation have a big impact on people's lives, both emotionally and financially. We, at Melrose Bloem Law Offices can put in perspective the legal implications of relationship breakdown and help you in dealing with often complex arrangements following such break ups. We will address the joint property right, parental rights and child support and be your partner when mediation is an option. At your request we can introduce you to experienced mediators.

Real Estate
At Melrose Bloem Law Offices our Real Estate practice handles leasing, acquisition and sales transactions in Curaçao. Our depth of experience and knowledge of the markets in which our clients operate, enables us to identify practical solutions and recognise opportunities where value can be added. We deal with all aspects of business property, including drawing up of home rental and real estate contracts and general rental conditions. We will help you terminate or enter into rental contracts, we handle rental disputes, collect rent, instigate evacuation procedure of properties.

Training Services
We, at Melrose Bloem Law Offices belief in emphasising prevention over cure, and hold the view that arming clients with the necessary legal knowledge to avoid disputes is extremely important to the trustworthiness of any organisation. We therefore conduct lectures and practical training in Litigation law and Civil Law in organisations and other domestic institutions.